Wild for Wetlands 2018: Celebrating Laguna De Bay

Wild for Wetlands is a yearly tradition which we helped pioneered last February 2017. It’s the Filipino’s way of commemorating International Wetlands Day by highlighting Philippine wetlands. It is an initiative spearheaded by the Earth Island Institute Philippines, Save Freedom Island Movement, Save Laguna Lake Movement, and Nilad.

Wild for Wetlands

Wild for Wetlands 2018 Highlights

Laguna De Bay

Wild for Wetlands 2018 puts its spotlight on Laguna De Bay. This lake is seriously under threat – from factories to human waste, to reclamation and that of constructing a vast highway. This year’s Wild for Wetlands aims to be a collaborative event attracting participation not just from environmental advocates and organizations but local communities, agencies, and people’s organizations around the lake.

With the viewfinder pointed at Laguna De Bay, this event is right at tune with the Ramsar theme for International Wetlands Day 2018: Wetlands for a Sustainable Urban Future. One of the ways to sustain Metro Manila’s future is taking care of the bodies of water close to it, Laguna lake included.

Wild for Wetlands

Celebrating Heritage

Laguna De Bay is home to fisherfolk communities and vast species of birds and marine life. Laguna lake is still abundant with fish, and Laguna itself, a bastion of the country’s rich history. Laguna De Bay’s heritage should be celebrated alongside the advocacy for its conservation.

Hence, this year’s Wild for Wetlands will be a celebration – advancing the protection of Laguna De Bay by celebrating its heritage thru culture and the arts.


Wild for Wetlands 2018 is an initiative of the Earth Island Institute Philippines with the Save Laguna Lake Movement, Save Freedom Island Movement, Nilad, Musika Publiko, Musicians for Peace, Liga ng Kabataang Propagandista, UgatLahi Artist Collective, Tudla Productions, CREST, Pamalakaya, Wetlands International, Wildbird Club of the Philippines, and supported by Transound and the local government of Brgy. Sucat, Muntinlupa.

Stage and venue design will feature Hohana Domanais’ Mandala Art.

wild for wetlands

Wetlands Conference

W4W 2018 targets the participation of environmental advocates and local communities, agencies, schools, institutions and organizations around the lake.

Resources persons will tackle the situation of the lake, the history of the lake, and what should be done for the health of the lake and welfare of the communities who depend on the lake for their livelihood.


The concert is highlighted with the performances of singer-songwriter Eloisa Jayloni, world-music percussion group Dyandi Percussion, legendary Filipino reggae band Tropical Depression, and Filipino world music band Talahib People’s Music.

Wild for Wetlands

Side Events

A media event highlighting the unity and purpose of Wild for Wetlands 2018 will happen in the morning. Various community events such as music and poetry workshops and mural making will also happen.


  • Press Conference at 10am to 12 noon
  • Conference from 1-5pm simultaneous with creative workshops
  • Concert from 6-11pm

(Actual time slots to follow)

Sucat People’s Park

The location of the conference and concert is at the covered court of the Sucat People’s Park at Brgy. Sucat in Muntinlupa.

Wild for Wetlands 2018 Highlights


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