Who is killing the dolphins in Japan?

One often encounters this statement: “The Japanese are killing the whales and dolphins!”  But it is not the Japanese people who are doing this.  About 24 fishermen, for example, carry out the capture of dolphins in the small fishing village of Taiji.  They kill the dolphins with permits from their government.  Another two-dozen or more help with the slaughter on the beach, carving up the meat, and with distribution of the meat.  Most of the people in the town of Taiji have nothing to do with the hunts.  The majority of people in Japan are totally unaware of this annual government-sanctioned dolphin blood bath because of the media blackout on this issue in Japan.  Unfortunately, the Japanese people only hear the propaganda of the Japan Fisheries Agency, and not outside information about, for example, how important and intelligent dolphins and whales are

*Photo from Huffington Post / OPS

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