Reduce the production. Refuse the use!

Break free from plastics and save the world’s oceans and marine life. That’s the message we bring yearly as Earth Island Institute joins a united action of advocates on July 3 International Plastic Bag Free Day.

REDUCE the production. REFUSE the use.

This movement has as priority target single-use plastic bags. But the entire campaign narrative can dwell on plastic-free lifestyles and initiatives such as developing zero-waste communities and collective clean-ups of coasts as well.

What is needed to be done?

Individually or as a group, we will come out with a series of social media posts, preferably with compelling imagery or narrative, related to our central message. There is the option to post it in your own social media accounts or you can send it to us for posting.

Communicate the narrative and also use the following hashtags: #savemarinelife #walangplastikan

What more can we do?

We can launch activities such as coastal clean-ups, bike rides, art activities, even music concerts, and media engagements. For those having such initiatives please coordinate with us so we can collectively support and announce. Remember to do documentation so that we can share these victories with the world.


The Plastic Pollution Coalition website has a huge resource base of information. Browse it at

Break Free From Plastic has information toolkits, for plastic audits, clean-ups, and more. Browse them at

For more information, you can contact the Earth Island Institute PH Advocacy Team via the feedback form of our website.

Thank you!

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