How and why do they capture and kill the dolphins in Taiji?

The fishermen of Taiji have developed a highly effective method of locating, capturing and eradicating dolphins, sometimes as many as one hundred or more in a single day. In the past, after the dolphin hunters sealed the killing Cove with large nets, they would leave the dolphins in the Cove, returning the next day at sunrise to kill them.

When does the Taiji hunt take place and why is it called “drive fishery”?

For several years, the dolphin drive hunt in Taiji had taken place from October 1st through March. In recent years, however, the dolphin hunters in Taiji have started the dolphin-killing season early, on September 1st. The term “drive fishery” derives from the method of driving, or herding, dolphins into a designated killing cove or harbor.

What progress has been made to end dolphin hunts?

There has been a lot of activities directed at ending the Taiji dolphin hunts. We are proud of the progress, and believe we can achieve much more. We believe our strategies are key to ending the hunts, including focusing on educating the Japanese public about the hunts, supporting Japanese activist groups and individuals who protest the hunts, publicizing the hunts worldwide to keep pressure on the Japan government, and – most important – never giving up!