Ask BFAR to act now on beluga whales importation issue! #NowNaBFAR

With more people including marine experts, environmentalists, and animal welfare groups standing up and being vocal against Manila Ocean Park’s plan to import beluga whales, now is the best time for BFAR to decide on the issue. There’s urgency to this matter especially when there’s already ongoing construction of facilities at MOP. Help us call the attention of the bureau!

Should Manila Ocean Park be allowed to import Beluga whales?

Earth Island Institute regional director Trixie Concepcion said the BFAR’s process regarding import application is not transparent. She said none of the qualified experts have been consulted by the BFAR, despite the Wildlife Act stating that it should evaluate the “best available information or scientific data showing that the activity is, or for a purpose, not detrimental to the survival of the species or subspecies.”

CITES authority recommend that Beluga whales import application be denied

Director Jeremy Barns of the National Museum said that after thorough study, they fully agree with the reasons stated in the petition and recommend that the application of Manila Ocean Park to import beluga whales into the country be denied. He clarified that beluga whales are listed as near-threatened species and trade of these are not allowed.