International dolphin hero Ric O’Barry joined local dolphin lovers in painting dolphins at an entire school building in the QC High School compound along Scout Ybardolaza Street in Quezon City today.

O’Barry, marine mammal specialist for Earth Island Institute, gamely painted dolphins together with local dolphin hero, AG Saño, Congressman Teddy Casiño, the Dolphins Love Freedom Network (DLFN), and over 100 volunteers.

Moved by the Oscar-winning film ‘The Cove’, which stars O’Barry, Saño vowed to paint 23,000 dolphins representing the number of animals that can be killed in Japan in one dolphin killing season.

“This is a very good activity for kids to learn about dolphins and have fun at the same time”, says O’Barry, “I wish similar activities can be done in Japan to raise awareness of what is happening in Taiji.”

Since the release of ‘The Cove’ in 2009, O’Barry and Earth Island Institute volunteers in Japan are under much scrutiny.

O’Barry is in the country to inform the Filipinos that they can do something very concrete to stop the dolphin killing in Japan, and that is to never buy tickets to dolphin shows, or go to marine parks featuring dolphins such as the Ocean Adventure facility in Subic.

Since 2001, dolphins from the deadly hunts in Japan have been imported into the country by Ocean Adventure in Subic. Earth Island Regional Director Trixie Concepcion laments that while it is illegal to maltreat, torture or abuse animals in the Philippines, animals from the brutal hunts in Japan were allowed into the country.

“People are now beginning to make the connection between the brutal hunts in Japan and dolphin parks in the Philippines. We are now seeing an overwhelming support to stop this abuse of dolphins by banning school field trips to parks featuring dolphins”, says Concepcion.

Last week, Congressman Raymond Palatino of the Kabataan Partylist filed House Resolution 2759 seeking a ban on school field trips to marine parks featuring dolphins and whales from cruel sources.###