Rewind: Manila Ocean Park’s failed attempt to import Beluga Whales into the Philippines

Recently, escalating disapproval online and offline of Cebu Ocean Park’s plan to have marine mammals in its facility has prompted the marine park to deny plans of having dolphin shows. Cebu Ocean Park in its official Facebook also articulated against the attempted Beluga whales importation of their sister company Manila Ocean Park, saying there was no such thing.

We have full documentation of the transactions and of course the reply of various government agencies and marine experts against importing Beluga whales into the Philippines.

Animal welfare activists, environmentalists, and marine conservationists won this battle for the Belugas.

Here we are reposting the official documents.

Manila Ocean Park’s application to import Beluga whales into the Philippines

(W)e would like to express our intention to apply for a permit to import the following: Beluga Whales (Delphinapterus leucas), Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus), and South American Sea Lions (Otaria flavescens) & Harbor seals (Phoca vitulina).

Committee on Animal Welfare letter against granting a permit for importing Beluga whales

(T)he CAW respectfully reiterates its recommendation that the importation of Beluga Whales into the Philippines be disallowed, and that any application for the importation therof by any entity, with any sub-agency of this Department, be denied.

The petition on the Beluga Whales

Letter from CITES authority Dir. Jeremy Barns advising against the importation

NM recommends that their application should be denied.

Siliman University’s position paper against the importation of Beluga whales


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