Rise Against Whale Hunts: Japan Dolphin Day 2019

Though dwindling, the yearly Taiji dolphin massacre will again commence this September. And to make situations much more worst this year for marine mammals, Japan has declared its resumption of whale hunts targeting more than a hundred Bryde’s, Minke, and Sei whales.

Earth Island Institute Asia-Pacific in partnership with the Philippine Animal Welfare Society will once again hold its protest action at the Japanese Embassy to mark this day of wanton slaughter. We will have the action on September 1, 2019, Sunday, from 7-10am.

We will mark this day of protest creatively with the following activities:

Bike ride against whale hunts

Last year, bikers from all over the Metro joined us to register their opposition against the dolphin massacre. This year they are joining us once again for the symbolic ride.

ROUTE: Bonifacio Shrine – Roxas Blvd –  Taft Avenue – Vito Cruz – Buendia – Roxas Blvd – Japanese Embassy

Marching for whales and dolphins

To highlight our opposition to the resumption of whale hunts and also the continued massacre of dolphins in Taiji, we hold a march and gathering of advocates in front of the Japanese Embassy. Bikers and advocates will gather in a solidarity program in front of the Japanese Embassy to highlight this year’s action.

Collective call against whaling and dolphin hunts

Our collective call focus on cutting short Japan’s renewed campaign of hunting whales, and putting a stop to the continued Taiji dolphin hunts.

For more information, please contact Mark Louie Aquino at 09482046129 or email us at savedolphinsph@gmail.com. You can also sign-up using the form below.

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