Japan Dolphin Day 2018: Stand-up and Bike for Dolphins

Stand-up and Bike for Dolphins

Every year dolphin advocates in the Philippines gather in solidarity with groups all-over the world against the Taiji dolphin hunts. We mark this with a gathering at the Japanese Embassy in the Philippines at the start of September. This year we are making this gathering extra special: we are having a bike ride and we are launching a new nation-wide campaign for marine mammals with the banner call: Keep them Safe, Wild, and Free!

Keep them Safe, Wild, and Free

The Philippines is home to a large number of marine mammal species. With our country located in one of the most diverse part of the world, the Philippines is key to marine conservation in the region.. Actions, policies, or events in the country can either help the environment flourish or hasten its degradation.

Keep them Safe, Wild, and Free is a campaign aimed at making it better for dolphins, whales, and their habitat. It is a coming together of science experts, professionals, and advocates to combat, if not address the widespread threat to marine mammals across the country.

The campaign is a combination of information dissemination, education, policy advocacy, lobbying for legislation, and actual action. The campaign focuses on three core concepts.

Keep them Safe

Human activity is the biggest threat to the marine environment. Sadly, humans do contribute to the decline of marine mammal populations.

Despite existing laws, a lot has to be done to protect marine mammals from hunting, bycatch in nets, marine pollution, boat strikes, and degradation of their habitat.

Overfishing too, has contributed to depleted food sources for dolphins and whales.

Keep them Wild

We stand against irresponsible tourism and interactions that disturb their migratory routes, breeding grounds, natural behaviors and overall welfare.

Keep them Free

We stand against the continued capture and use marine animals in entertainment, especially since most used are taken from unsustainable sources.

Marine Mammal Responders

Our unity also aims to form the Marine Mammal Responders. The MMR is a network and collaboration that involves the sharing of knowledge between advocates and experts, scientists, fisherfolk, NGOs and local government units.

Filipinos are dolphin lovers

Filipinos have a great responsibility in protecting our country which is at the center of biodiversity in the world. Genuine conservation in our country is a significant contribution on the global movement to protect marine mammals, humans and all life on the planet.

japan dolphin day 2018

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