International Symposium on Marine Plastic Debris Pollution

Last August 2017 we had the opportunity to attend the International Symposium on Marine Plastic Debris Pollution in Makassar, Indonesia. We are sharing here for our fellow advocates the lessons and workshop data we gathered from the symposium. Beach macro-litter monitoring and floating microplastic in a coastal area of Indonesia Download Data on Dispersal of … Read more

Saving Manila’s Last Mangrove Forest

Re-posting an original article of the Global Greengrants Fund Website of one of our advocacy areas. Photos and words by Ramey Newell, donor and former staff member of GGF.

A year ago, I didn’t know much about the Philippines. I didn’t know that it is among the 10 most biologically diverse countries on the planet, or that metropolitan Manila is the 11th most populous metro area in the world. I couldn’t utter a word of any of the almost 180 native languages spoken throughout the archipelago.

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Reflections on the Stranding Training in the Philippines

It was a very good week. We all learned lots and realized how lucky we are with such a great team. After arrival in Surabaya, the Indonesian team traveled immediately to a location where a whale shark was reported stuck for six days in a tidal ditch. There is a lot of work to do, and we have to act to save and protect aquatic wildlife together.