EcoAction: Coastal Clean-up August 10, 2018

Come and join our EcoAction on August 10, 2018 as Earth Island Institute Philippines’ lead a coastal clean-up activity at the Las Piñas – Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area (LPPCHEA)!

Popularly known as the Freedom Islands, this area was once covered in meter-thick garbage when our friends from the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines and the Save Freedom Island Movement discovered it.

Along with Manila Bay, they continue to be threatened by garbage and pollution. Add to that the threat of reclamation. But the continuous work that different organizations has been doing for the Freedom Islands has enabled vegetation to flourish, migratory birds to continue using it as a resting place, and eventually draw attention to it.

Right now a spotlight beams on the Freedom Islands at the global map. It currently is a Ramsar conservation site, increasing its significance to the global wetlands ecosystem.

Yearly we continue to highlight the need to continue struggling for the LPPCHEA – for the migratory birds, for the people and communities who reside and have their livelihood in Manila Bay, and also for the nearby cities that are being protected by Freedom Islands’ natural barriers against typhoon surges.

Join the clean-up

Fill-up the registration form below and sign-up for the clean-up on August 10, 2018. Or you can text us at 0947-4103566.

EcoAction August 10

Coastal Clean-up Checklist

Here are some basic things to bring, individually or can be in group. Note that we suggest to only pack light, only the essentials.

For Clean-up

  1. Gloves (that could withstand tearing when you use hands to pickup garbage or hold equipment)
  2. Tong (for picking up garbage) for those that you can’t pickup using your hands with gloves
  3. Sack (for putting in garbage)

Please note that it is advisable to use sacks instead of the black garbage bags.

For Attire and Personal Hygiene

  1. Wear “Earth” colored clothes – brown, blue, green, etc, and not yellow, red or neon variants.
  2. Hats
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Bring extra clothes for changing into after the clean-up
  5. Towels
  6. Soap and water for washing (can be for individual or group)
  7. Drinking water and snacks. We suggest putting it in your reusable food boxes and water bottles.
  8. Sunblock

Have breakfast or an early morning snack if possible.

Conduct of the Clean-up

We assemble straight AT FREEDOM ISLANDS from 5 AM to 6 AM.

From 6 AM to 6:30 AM, we conduct an ORIENTATION for TEAM/GROUP LEADERS or COORDINATORS. Please assign one for your group, and give us the name.

We’ll have a short program by 6:30 AM which will conclude in a general orientation for everyone attending.

We’ll start the clean-up by 7 AM which will last up to 9:30 AM. We’ll start wrapping up by 10 AM and be done by 10:30 AM. Soon enough everyone’s homeward bound.

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